Nano Mister $22 (out of stock)

Ultrasonic technology to split water molecules,make the effective component in the skincare lotion into tiny nanometer particles by means of the special atomization processing and penetrate them into the basal cell layer of the skin.

portable Nano Atomization Sprayer Beauty Apparatus Sprayer Moisturizing Equipment Filling Water Moisturizers Evaporate Face Wet

Can better improve the skin absorption of water and nutritious components of the lotion.

USB charging, built-in lithium battery, the machine can be used for a long time

Included: 1 x steamer ; 1 x empty bottle; 1 x bag


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Microfoam Surgical Tape $$5

  • Conformable, water-resistant elastic foam tape that has multi-directional stretch, excellent for compression applications or securing dressings in challenging areas.
  • Contains no rubber latex nor dry natural rubber.

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 Foamer Bump Bottle $3

 Clients should be washing their lashes DAILY to keep them clean and healthy. Baby shampoo is gentle enough to eyes and extensions, but  can clean off residues and bacteria. 

 Lash shampoo ingredients

  •   1 part baby shampoo
  •  3 parts distilled water (NOT tap water)
  •  1/2 teaspoon of baking soda

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