Volume Lash Set

Volume Lash Extensions are weightless and the techniques perfectly safe for natural eyelashes as long as they are applied properly and professionally. This is a specialized technique and include designing the perfect lash style for your eyes and the creation of a volumes and fluffy look to your lashes without damage your natural lashes.

3D Volume Set

$450  (Master Lash Artist)

For a more natural Volume look and light extensions are applied per natural. This set of volume lash will create a soft and fluffy volume looking. 210-360 extensions per eye.

6D Volume Set

$550 (Master Lash Artist)

Often referred to as Russian Volume. This is perfect for people with sparse natural lashes that want to get a fuller effect or people with strong natural lashes that want to get a fluffy and glamorous look. 420 - 720 extensions per eye.

Mega Volume Set

$650  (Master Lash Artist)

This is a super dramatic set, choosing from 9-16 extremely fine lashes been applied on to each natural lash. Clients must have many strong and healthy natural eyelashes. 900-1600 extensions per eye.

Volume Lash Fill

2 week volume fill    $150  (Master)  

3 week volume fill    $220 (Master) 

2 week mega volume fill    $200  (Master)  

3 week mega volume fill    $350  (Master)


Full Set     $250 

Lash Fill     $85

**  LASH FILLS for existing lash clients only. Must have 50% of lashes remaining.

$200  Master Lash Artist    $130  Certified Lash Artist

3D Volume Lash

Published on Apr 10, 2014

$200 Master Lash Artist 

Can damaged lashes have lash extensions? 

Published on Oct 2, 2014

$350 Master Lash Artist