Agnes Tsoi - Owner/Senior Lash Artist

Lash Beauty Owner Agnes Tsoi can truly say that she has made a career out of doing what she loves. Growing up in Hong Kong, Agnes developed her passion for art at a very young age. As a little girl unable to take any art classes, she taught herself to draw and eventually became drawn to music. She begged her father at age 11 to take piano lessons, but only nine months in her mother pulled her out of classes because she didn’t think a career in music would make for a very promising future. Agnes later resumed her piano lessons as an adult and her artistic desires spread to include opera singing, Chinese calligraphy, and photography. She also finished the training of the professional make up artist program from Make Up Forever.


Once Agnes came to the US, she had all the creative freedom she could dream of. She had been a teacher and counselor in Hong Kong, with a BA in Theology  and a MA in divinity, and although she initially came to the US for an MA in Counseling Psychology from National University, she fell in love with a new art form – beauty. Agnes began to channel her natural artistic talent into creating beautiful and intricate lash designs for her clients. She is  professionally trained and certified Lash Artists by Natural Lash, Xtreme Lashes, and Novalash.. She feels that each set of eyelash extensions is a one-of-a-kind work of art, customized to best compliment each client’s eyes. She also applies her education background to her career by teaching lashing techniques to new and experienced lash stylists. Through Lash Beauty, Agnes feels that she has found herself both as a professional and as an artist living out her dream.


In 2017, Agnes was proudly to offer the new service of microblading after years of studying. She learned microblading in China since 2009 because the result looked much better than tattoo brow. But she still didn't satisfied with the hair stroke patterns that didn't look natural enough. Then her attention was back to eyelash extensions because of the new techniques of Volume Lash. In 2016, Agnes went back to China to learn many different kinds of microblading and permeant make up techniques. She began to offer microblading service in 2017 after a year of studies, practice, and searching the best tools and ink. Agnes is so exited to offer a service which is a form of art - microblading. With the advanced microblading techniques, knowledge, and top quality products, Lash Beauty offers the top quality micoblading in San Diego.

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