Which Volume Lash set is best for me?



The type of Volume Lash Extensions and the number of extensions applied per lash varies according to each person’s eye structure. We recommend different services based on not only the number of naturally growing lashes, but also the strength of each lash. Lashes can hold 2-6 Volume Lash Extensions, and it our lash stylists’ jobs to determine to appropriate volume for each lash.


Below are our Volume Lash services. While these sets are tailored to each clients’ eyes, they vary in the amount of lash extensions applied. Read more to learn about the right set for your eyes.


Mascara Volume Lash

Mascara Volume Lash Extensions are the ideal solution for those with sparse natural lashes, meaning they have around 50 lashes per eye. With traditional lash extensions, those with sparse lashes are limited by the amount of extensions applied per eye. However with Mascara Volume Lash Extensions, we apply 2-4 extensions to 50 naturally growing lashes, for a total of 180-200 extensions per eye. Depending on the client, we can also occasionally apply 4 or more lashes per natural lash for special events.


Glamour Volume Lash

Glamour Volume Lash Extensions are intended for clients who have more than 100 naturally growing lashes. For this set, our lash stylists apply 300-400 extensions to 70 natural lashes for a truly glamorous and long-lasting look. For those whose lashes are strong enough, we can apply as many as six extensions per lash! With Glamour Volume Lash Extensions, we can guarantee that your lashes will look soft, elegant and flawless.


Hollywood Volume Lash

Like our Glamour Volume Lash Extensions, Hollywood Celebrity Volume Lash Extensions are available to clients who have 100-130 natural lashes. Clients who choose this set will achieve the fullest look available at Lash Beauty with 2-6 Volume Lash Extensions applied to 100 individual natural lashes. Hollywood Celebrity Volume Lash creates a luxuriously full volume with up to as many as 600+ fluffy, rich extensions per eye! You will fall absolutely in love with this new lashing method.


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