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A woman recently came to us for a Lash Fill. However, her set of eyelash extensions were done at a salon in New York, as she frequently traveled back and forth for business. The next time she came back, she told us about her New York Lash Artist's reaction to our Lash Fill. Her Lash Artist refused to give her a fill because she had eyelash extensions from a different salon. The only thing she would agree to was to remove our set of eyelash extensions and give her a completely new set of eyelash extensions.


Some Lash Artists abide by this policy for different reasons. First of all, they do not want to be held liable for lashes they did not put on themselves. If something goes wrong, they may not be able to determine the reason why. Also, every Lash Artist has their own technique. It may be difficult for a Lash Artist to create their own custom design off of someone else's. While these are valid reasons, we have to think about the client first. It is our job to recommend whether she will be alright with a Lash Fill or if she should start fresh with a new set.


This is what we do when we come across this situation:


1. We first examine the client's lashes. We look to see if they have been applied correctly, if the eyelash is applied 1mm away from the root of the natural lash and not the eyelid. We also make sure they are not applied clumsily as well.


2. Then we discuss the client's needs. We ask if she has been feeling irritation on or around her eyes, or if she's been feeling any discomfort. We are very detailed because we may not be familiar with her current set of eyelash extensions. If the glue bonding is applied incorrectly, we suggest a removal of the lashes, as it can cause eye damage or irritation. We also make sure to ask about her availability; a client may not have the time for a completely new set.


Once we have completed those steps, we then determine whether or not this client should be given a Lash Fill or a completely new set. If a Lash Fill is doable, that's the route we take. If we feel that a new set is the best way to go, we explain to the client our reasoning and proceed to recommend. Whether or not the client agrees to a new set, we are always courteous, professional, and polite.


If you can tell in the photo, we were able to give this client a Lash Fill. After going through the process above, we decided that the eyelashes were workable for a Lash Fill. We were even able to fix her lashes and provide artistic design. Everyone was happy!


Here at Lash Beauty, we make it our priority to adapt to our clients' needs. We do our best to accomodate all your needs!

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